Online Sermons from Manna Church

I wrote a while back about attending Manna Church at their Cliffdale location and how I thought I might go to the location closer to my home. Well, I’m pleased to say that I did and I’ve been several times. I have finally found my church home and couldn’t be happier! I love Manna North Site. It’s smaller, but it is awesome.

All locations stream the message from the main pastor onto a screen. At first I had a problem with that, but now, especially since the North Site pastor is so involved, I don’t mind it. I actually look forward to Sundays!

The last few weeks the message has been part of a series entitled “To Love Life and See Good Days.” It’s been powerful and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. So much that I wanted to share the series, as well as past series, with everyone! You can go here to access videos or mp3s of past sermons. This is yet another reason I love Manna. I can share the exact message with those I care about! (Yes, that’s you!)

Let me know what you think about the messages by commenting below, sending me a tweet, or posting on my FB page! 


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