“Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” 7-Day Challenge (Day 4 and 5)

Day 4 (Friday)- Gain an extra 15 minutes. The first part of the challenge is to write down a list of things I want to get done in list of priority. Then, set a timer for 15 minutes, turn off all distractions and focus on chipping away at goals. Here is what I came up with. (I tried to stick to goals that I could actually do in 15 minutes)

  • Plan next blog post
  • Write two discussion board posts for class
  • Post in learning team forum
  • Read one chapter of any book

I picked “any book” because I have four or five lying around that I’ve been meaning to read. It took two 15 minute sessions, but I got the first three done. Hey, can’t win ’em all! I wasn’t distraction-free either since my daughter refuses to take naps. It was refreshing to have my homework completed before dinner time. I’m usually up late trying to get my thoughts together for those posts. Focusing on nothing but them for a period of time helped me to get them knocked out.

Day 5 (Saturday)- De-clutter one area of your home. It can be a closet, cabinet, or drawer. I’ve followed several clutter related challenges from Crystal’s blog, Money Saving Mom, and they have helped me tremendously. Just ask my mom what my very first apartment (after getting married) looked like. I guess the older I get, the more open I am to getting rid of things I’ve had since high school or college.

For this challenge, I had the perfect place in mind: the dining room table. I admit, we don’t eat at our table unless there is a gathering at our home. Since we had an early Thanksgiving ย on Sunday you’d think that my table would still be clear. HAH! You, my friend, are sorely mistaken.

PicMonkey Collage

My messy table. I either need less stuff or a bigger house. I’m gonna go with option 2.ย 

I’m going to be honest; there aren’t many places to put stuff in our house. For a family of four with three dogs, our barely 1000 sq. ft. house just isn’t cutting it. Anyway, since I have company coming over for a crochet date (Hi, Erika!) I decided this was the area to tackle.

PicMonkey Collage2

My clean-ish table. I don’t have a desk so I use the table as my work space (when I’m not on the couch). I also didn’t put my yarn bag away since I’ll be crocheting tonight.

Y’all, it took me less than 15 minutes to put everything in its place and I feel so much better. It’s just a table, but it’s no longer in my line of sight and adding to my stress.

Are you taking the 7-day challenge? I’d love to hear how you are doing! Comment below or send me a tweet!




11 thoughts on ““Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” 7-Day Challenge (Day 4 and 5)

  1. I’m right there with you on a messy table. My only solution (and let’s face it, it’s not exactly a solution) is to try to keep all of the clutter/mess in one place. Sometimes that’s the dining room table, sometimes it’s the coffee table, and sometimes it’s the buffet in the dining room. Like I said, not a solution, but at least it’s the clutter is contained to one place in the house!

  2. I wondered if you’ve ever considered the font size of your blog. I have 20/20 corrected vision but still struggle with your blog. I can read it but it fatigues my eyes and frankly I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blog with such small font. Not trying to be critical but you might consider making it a little bigger.

  3. My problem isn’t with deciding to do something and doing it. My problem is making habits that I KEEP doing 10 days or 10 weeks later. I seem to stick with something for about 2 weeks and then it just slips away as my routine gets jostled by illness, vacation, deadlines or some other unusual circumstance. Then, once that passes, it is just GONE. I end up either starting over from scratch or just giving up.

  4. Font size? Really?? That’s shamefu!! You do know that you can change the font size YOURSELF on YOUR COMPUTER. Don’t put it on the blogger for goodness sakes!!

    • Oh for goodness sakes you want to say that is shameful? Bloggers typically want their posts to be readable and it’s not like I asked in an angry matter like you seem to be responding. So Sorry I even stopped by. Enjoy your Christmas and spreading all that love.

      • Diane! I’m so sorry! I was not offended at all. I hope you come back again. Your concern was completely valid and I thank you for bringing it to my attention! ๐Ÿ™‚

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