When It Rains…

I know just about everyone of you can understand when I say that if one thing goes wrong, several more things are usually just waiting to go wrong.

I finished school last month (woo hoo!) the week before Hubby came home from work. The week he came home, our two older dogs attacked our puppy and chewed up the charger cord to my decrepit laptop.

Thankfully, (after a rather large vet bill) our puppy is OK and the dogs are back into their playful routine. Here is my PSA for the week: Get your dogs fixed!

I’m trying really hard to make due without buying anything for the laptop as it’s a piece of crap and not worth putting any money into. My phone/kindle charger also died so I’m making frequent trips to my car to charge both items.

Usually, things like this would have made me tailspin into a really bad attitude and would have caused tension between Hubby and myself. Instead, I’m focusing on the good parts:

1) My computer made it through grad school. I can go to the library for my ROW posts and do just about everything else from my phone.

2) Hubby was home and I didn’t have to handle everything on my own.

3) I’m spending less time on my phone and actually getting into the current Proverbs 31 bible study.

I’ve always heard that we should look for the blessings in the struggles but never took that lesson to heart. Until now, that is.

What stressful/difficult situations have you been able to see the blessings in?

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