Challenges and Goals

If you’ve read my blog for any certain amount of time you know how much I love Crystal Paine, a.k.a. The Money Saving Mom. She is doing a year-long challenge, 12 Months to a Healthier You. It is just like Crystal to break things down into one goal a month instead of going whole hog and doing everything at once. This is one reason why I love her. The goal for the first month is to focus on the habit of exercising more. This is perfect since I am trying to lose weight this year. Keep reading to find out how I’m establishing good exercise habits.

I’m sure that you have seen one or two of those fitness challenges floating around Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook by now. I follow a number of fitness sites so I see them all of the time. To go along with my goal of losing weight (still avoiding the term “Resolution”) I decided to do two. One dedicated to arms and the other is a boot camp type. This basically means lots and lots of push ups. And squats. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate squats?

Here is the arms challenge from Fat to Fit Chick.

Here is the boot camp challenge from Shrinking Jeans.

I’m also doing the Shrinking Jeans 6 week boot camp. Today is Week 1 Day 2 and I’m not looking forward to it. It kicked my but two days ago on day one (rest day between each day). I am trying to not leave the house to work out so I’ve been running in the yard for the sprints. My drive way is on an incline… Yeah. I just like to think I’m kicking it up a notch!

What I’m excited about is that I’m actually sticking to these challenges and the boot camp. (I know it’s only been a week. Give me a break here!)

I’m also trying to work on my eating habits. It’s so amazing to me how fast and easy it is to get of track. “Oh, this one piece of pizza won’t hurt me.” Probably not, unless I’ve already had two. I see my husband eat whatever he wants and I get a little jealous. Then I remember that he works his weight off two weeks at a time, while I’m at home. Mostly stationary. Which is changing this month!

I will be updating weekly with my progress and any links I find helpful. For the time being, check out my Pinterest boards for tons of recipes and other info. I’ve been quite the pinning fool lately. After a month of working on this habit, it will be easier to continue these healthy habits for the rest of the year.

Have a great week, y’all!



Free Chalkboard Printables

Proverbs 31 30(Credit: Shannon from Sweet Blessings)

I was looking around Ann Voskamp’s website, A Holy Experience, and noticed her latest post included a link to free chalkboard printables. (If you get the chance, read her post for today. It will definitely lift your spirit and make you smile!)

These printables are from the Sweet Blessings blog, which I think might also be one of my new favorites. There are 11 printables in all and I love each and every one of them. Here is what Shannon from Sweet Blessings had to say about them:

“I love giving the gift of God’s words. It’s such a great, personal gift- and if you print it out at Walgreens and find a cute, inexpensive frame- it’s a budget friendly gift too! “
I think I’ll be finding some frames and putting a few of these up around my home. What beautiful reminders to have throughout the day. Pick your favorite one and place it on your desk at work for a great pick me up when you have a stressful day. I also know a few women who might be blessed by a gift of God’s word in this form.
I’m all about finding ways to live well on a dime and this goes right a long with that. While I’m not a coupon queen (I’ve tried, y’all. I just can’t get those things to work for me), I’ll be sure to share any other ideas I have with you. Here are a few posts I’ve done for Real Oilfield Wives on the topic:
Have a freebie or cheap idea to share for home decor? Leave a comment here, on the FB page, or send me a tweet!