Wait…how did it get to be Saturday already?!

That’s the question I asked myself this morning when thinking about how I have to work in children’s ministry and that it’s small group connection day at church tomorrow. Then I remembered that I haven’t checked in for the week. I don’t think you’ll blame me when you hear all I’ve been doing. 

I have worked out every single day since JR went to work. For those of you playing at home, that’s 12 days. In a row. For reals.

I can’t get a workout in while Justin is awake since he is a ginormous (hey, it could be a word some day. I mean, look at selfie. Or “facie” as my mom calls it) momma’s boy and has to be in my lap if I’m sitting down for more than ten seconds. So, every night around 8 p.m. I put Justin in his crib and then work out. I’m trying a website called Daily Burn. I”m on the free trial right now doing the 15 minutes a day for 15 days program (Actually, it’s called DB15). I’ve also been doing 15 minutes on the recumbent bike to make sure I stay under calories for the day.

Oh! I’ve also logged everything I’ve put in my mouth for 13 days. That’s pretty epic for me because now it’s like a habit. As soon as I eat, I pull out my phone and log it. Now, I just need that dang scale to start moving past the 5 lb. lost mark. 

On the spiritual front, I’ve started using the journal given out at last week’s sermon and I’m trying to get caught up on bible study. I’m doing pretty good with the Proverbs 31 online Made To Crave study and I’m loving the small group that I’m in. I think if I’d been in a small group in the last study that I would have actually gotten more out of it. 

Well, Justin is awake (again) so I guess I had better try to get him back to sleep. 

Good night, y’all!



On the eating right and exercising front, this week has been a complete bust. I ate like the calories didn’t matter and then I pulled my right hamstring so I haven’t done either challenge for two days. I feel better today but I wanted to give my leg the proper time before testing it. On the eating front, it is incredibly hard for me to eat right while on a budget while feeding three other people who don’t need to lose weight. I guess I need to stop making excuses and start finding solutions.

I want to be real about my failure here. I don’t want to hide it because I’m hoping this will motivate me. I’m tired of being this big. I’m tired of not feeling attractive and uncomfortable in my own skin. I’ve done this before so I’m not sure why it’s so hard this go round. Right before I got pregnant with Justin I lost almost 30 lbs in a 6 month period. I then got lazy, pregnant, and gained every bit of it back. I know I can do this. I just have to actually do it!

On the plus side, I got new shoes! And not the Wal-Mart special either. I also bought a 5 lb. kettle bell. I found some exercises on Pinterest (my favorite thing ever) and thought I’d give it a try. When I get comfortable with 5 lbs. I plan to move up to 10 lbs.

So, while this week may have been a total failure, it doesn’t mean that I’m giving up. Just pushing forward.