So close…

I get on the scale this morning and I see 180.8.(!) I’m so close to the 170’s that I can taste it. I’m both excited and nervous. This is usually where I get to before I lose all motivation, stop tracking calories, and gain back the almost four pounds I’ve just lost. One thing that is motivating me this time? For the first time in years I am actually lighter than my husband, who is also tracking his food and trying to lose weight.

Hubby lives at the rig for the two weeks he is at work and is making an effort to buy healthier foods that are also easy and fast to prepare. I mean, who really wants to cook an elaborate meal when they get off work at 6 in the morning? All of this makes me think that if he can do this while working nights in the cold hours away from his family, I can do it at home.

On another note, Hubby headed back to work last night. Like always, I had the hardest time getting to sleep. I also feel like something is missing for the first two or three days he is gone. School started back during days off, so I have that to keep me busy (yay….).

Oooo my church is hosting a Matt Redman concert next week and I was able to snag a couple of tickets. I’m determined to make myself go whether I get child care or not. I hate crowds but I know it will be a fun time.

Stay tuned for another update on my weight loss journey, as well as a few frugal momma-type posts.


Here Comes 2014!

Ahh…It’s almost 2014.

It’s that time of year when everyone looks back on the last year and either talks about how great or horrible it was.

For me 2013 was OK. It flew by fast, but that’s what hitch living does to you.

The best part? Watching my babies grow and actually being home to do it.

Like everyone else I’ve been thinking about the year ahead and what I want it to bring. No, this isn’t a post about resolutions; this is a post about goals.

I’m still implementing the great things I learned from “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode”, by Crystal Paine, into my life and I know that they will have a role in accomplishing my goals.

So, in no particular order, here are my goals for 2014:

1) Get a job. Yes, I love being home with the kids. No, I never planned to do it forever. I love the feeling of success at a job that I love as well as the feeling of contributing to our family financial situation. I just keep praying that God will open the right doors for me at the right time so that I am placed in a job that I love and that allows me to help people.

2) Work on getting out of debt. Notice I didn’t say “become debt free by the end of the year.” Yeah, because that is unrealistic. JR and I have a plan and we have to find the discipline to stick with it.

3) Reach my goal weight. No, I will not share my current weight or my goal weight. Some of you are actually good with math and can put the numbers together. Just know that I am giving myself an entire year to reach a very reasonable goal.

4) Become a morning person. Well, at least a person who actually rolls out of bed within the first two times her alarm goes off.

5) Learn and successfully cook 10 new recipes. I’m sure Pinterest will be my muse on this one.

6) Read the Bible, in its entirety, by Christmas 2014.

7) Write at least one blog post a week. Seriously. I need to get on that.

That’s it. I don’t want to create an obnoxiously long list that I’ll end up ignoring due to it’s length so I’ll stop here.

What are your goals? How do you intend to reach them? Share in the comments or send me a tweet