As promised…


Baby Girl. I promise, she was happier than she looks.

I promised a post with pictures yesterday and *gasp* I’m actually going to deliver!

We ended up not going to church as my mom didn’t feel well. She has been sick for several years now and I’m waiting on the Lord to send the one doctor that will finally give us the answers to heal her.

Anyway, my mom, sister and cousin (Better known as Aunt Viv to the kids) put together baskets for the kids. Viv even decorated carrot cake cupcakes with Ashley. I don’t have a picture of them just know there were peeps on the tops. (And they were delicious.)


Little Man. Love that smile!

After we had lunch, my sister and I got started on the Resurrection Rolls.


Resurrection Rolls before going into the oven.

If you want the directions on making these, check out my Facebook page.


These things smelled amazing.

Just an FYI, these rolls can get messy.


He is risen!

If you’ve read the description, you know that the marshmallow that was wrapped in the crescent roll disappears to represent Jesus not being in the tomb on the third day after his death. Even though I knew it was supposed to happen, it was seriously cool to open the roll and there be nothing inside.

After all of that, we realized that we never did an egg hunt with the kids. No one felt like moving but Viv hid some around the house. Justin couldn’t care less but Ashley had a great time finding them. It was a great day all around. I even came home with cupcakes and some spiral ham. 🙂

Tomorrow is cleaning day since Hubby comes home on Wednesday. He’s only in for a week this time as his promotion (mentioned on the Facebook page) requires him to be back early. I can’t express how proud I am and how blessed I feel to have that man as my husband and the father of my children.

Well, I’m going to go to bed so that I can (hopefully) get up early and get my workout and bible study finished before the kiddos wake up.

Hope y’all had a great weekend and have a great week!

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